Meet the director

- Holly Jones -

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Sea, soul, sound + (shoe) lover

Always tracing over the silhouettes of people, objects and elements of nature, with my eyes, (since I can even remember), the creative journey began with me re-creating both real life visions and imaginary ones…within sketchbooks, upon scrap pieces of paper (and sometimes…walls! Sorry Mom). Continuing my love for creativity throughout childhood and my teens, I then pursued a Degree in Fashion, which entailed everything from design, manufacturing, to marketing and everything in between. After graduating with a First and deep diving into different area’s of the Industry, I learn’t a lot and am so grateful for the growth opportunities I had in those days, both on a professional and personal level. But, I must admit, I found myself wanting more. More substance, more soul driven work and something that would also combine my love for people and our mindful habits.

As time progressed, I had possibly the biggest “conscious awakening” of my entire life. The story however isn’t all fluff, light and rainbows. Like many people who come out the other side of a particularly traumatic experience or challenging time, (that in turn affects their mental and physical health), will say the same. But, it’s these times that can perhaps give you the biggest of life lessons and indeed the biggest of awakenings. My own health dipped due to a variety of circumstances, but at the time I was so blind sighted as to why all of this was occurring. Looking back, I understand how much your environments, the people you surround yourself with and the way you treat and talk to yourself (i.e talking down to yourself, with limiting beliefs, etc), can really play a part.

It was here, I found trust, support and an all new love for the world of holistic health and wellbeing. Long story short, after many sessions with a fantastic Naturopathic Doctor, we looked at all areas of my life, and ultimately strived for changed. From my diet, to how deeply I was breathing, to how much time I invested into other people, over my own wellbeing, was an eye-opener. It was an eye-opener because once I shifted and altered my life habits and patterns, I became so much more consciously aware of my potential. I not only found a higher level of energy and love within myself, but it was because of the benefits and love that came with practises such as meditation and yoga, that helped me the most. It made me take notice of how my body felt and the reasons behind that. I also continued to put faith into my own skills and re-wire my thought processes in regards to my career prospects, personal life and more…which in-turn all lead me to where I am today! #Blessings. 💫

What is now a highly passionate and consciously creative business, I am devoted to igniting other’s creative energy and working along side them to help bring their visions to life. Via colourful collaborations, my role as the Directive of Directing Waves is to awaken creative consciousness to new heights, through support and guidance. Whether it’s aiding with a brand, business, personal project, workshop, event or within a creative team, finding your flow within specific "design processes", as well as trusting yourself and your own intuitive skills are all paramount to reaching success, satisfaction and sensational self awareness.

Where science meets the soul - There are elements of ourselves that benefit hugely from meditative practices. Whether it's working with the breath, honing in on your focus, igniting your visions and deep diving through brain waves and certain states, to in turn, all play a part in transforming your dreams and ideas into reality, I am working towards more collaborations that help guide and support in this very way. Coming from a family of Musicians, I feel it’s in my DNA to be passionate about music and the way particular sounds, beats and vocal notes can play a role in the way we feel. It’s fascinating to me. Working in particular with sound frequencies and the healing properties certain ones obtain, is also highly intriguing to me. So, I’m also currently working in conjunction with talented individuals, to bring you more immersive sound experiences, that will in-turn aid in your creative transformations. These will be in the form of audio downloads and live sound sessions. I can’t wait to share more with you very soon!

As well as offering the above, my skills also lie within helping businesses and individuals create content for their digital platforms. Take a look at my content creation packages here. From audio recordings, photography, to visual brand strategies and more! It’s all part of what makes up Directing Waves. This is my creation. For the good. The greatest growth for me, is through creation. Creation = expansion.

Holly x