Through the energy of our own consciousness, we realise we are the creators of our own reality. Are you in your director’s seat yet?

I once read, “the ability to self reflect, is what gives humans their superconsciousness”. Amen to that. The moment we find space to just be, deep delve into our breath, reflect and trust our intuition, is when we can really get to the core of our conscious selves. Doing this allows us to not only experience more self acceptance, but it gives us an opportunity to ignite our creativity and push the boundaries to new heights…especially when it comes to the things we want to achieve in both our personal and professional lives. We can truly hone in on our focus and find our flow.

I, myself, have been through the motions to understand that nothing happens until you’re ready. Until you start to live, breathe and feel something. It’s a process. A process that I now try to fully integrate into every day life. Playing the role of the “Directive” can have beautiful outcomes, if your initial intentions come from the heart. Whether you’re collaborating with others, or solo styling it through something, there is no greater feeling than knowing you’ve executed something fully from a place of good.

As the famous saying states - “where focus goes, energy flows”. When we direct and focus our energy to certain parts of ourselves, (both within us) and throughout the projection of energy upon various aspects of our lives, it’s going to have an effect on what and how we experience. Sometimes we prioritise certain area’s over others, so it’s important to be aware of creating more of a balance. In my experience and after researching and listening to other people’s success stories, it seems that living and carrying out actions in a more intention based and free-flowing manner, works well and can have magnificent outcomes. So, I thought about the break down of a few helpful steps and processes, that I feel will also translate well to others too.

Introducing the Directing Waves 3 core values + steps to achieving a more consciously creative, directive driven life.


Awaken your consciousness

  • Find space + take a breath. Step out of your usual environment if you need. Going out into nature works wonderfully with this first step. Soak up beautiful surroundings. Become a little mindless for a little while, to then become more “mindful” again. How do you feel? What is your body and mind telling you? If you need to rest, rest. Need to re-fuel? Eat. If you’re ready to begin your next project…let’s go!

  • Trust your intuition. When it comes to pursuing our goals and completing tasks, we utilise our skills, talents and knowledge to the best of our abilities. Combined, this is a perfect example of where intuition can be used on a greater level. What were some of your very first ideas? Record it almost instantly. Write it all down! Free-flow on a piece of paper and let idea’s blossom from there. (Or jot down within the notes of your phone first, if that’s more convenient). Don’t think about the how or the why’s just yet. Simply have pure creative energy at the forefront of your mind. It’s amazing to see where it can lead. The logistics can come to fruition later.

  • Vision board. Vision boards are like a life-design visual blueprint of what you want. Something so many people use to aid in bringing their desires and visions to life, visualisation is actually one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. By repeating this visual habit, either tangibly - i.e, working physically upon a real life board, or indeed on a more digital one (hello Pinterest), the process is enjoyable and rewarding. Focus daily and see what goodness can unfold.

  • Raise your vibration. Whether you’re working within a creative field or not, becoming more aware of how you feel is paramount to productivity and our wellbeing. Treat your mind and body as a temple, wherever you can. Let pure love, light and positivity fill it. All you need to do is to keep imagining it. Remember, it all starts with you. We are most productive and can in-turn support others, when us, ourselves are truly feeling well.


Find your flow

  • Continue to set intentions, before actioning. Feel what you want the outcome to be. breathe into the ideas and practice daily repetition. This is also a good point to begin trusting what’s about to unfold, sometimes you get to a destination in a way you perhaps didn’t see coming. Do you incorperate meditation into your weekly / daily rituals? Following simple guided ones are a great place to begin in finding your flow and really letting what you aim to achieve, sink into yourself.

  • Be open, honest and have the confidence to request support, should you need it. Be ready to receive. I’ve been in situations where I’ve tried to soldier on solo style, purely due to stubbornness. But, sometimes, team work = dream work. Just be the Directive and have ownership and responsibility for your “part”. Again, trusting yourself and the journey is so important in any process.

  • Repeat your conscious practices. Take space when you need it and again, just let things flow. Continue to write things down when you need to evolve another idea. Be open to having another conversation with someone who could really help. When everything seems to be feeling and flowing well, keep creating the habit. Keep talking UP to yourself. Be ready to really use all you’ve been practising in the next step, where we ignite this surge of buzzing, creative, heart felt energy and confidence.

Ignite your energy - directing waves.jpg

Ignite your energy

  • You’re ready. The tools, support, wisdom, knowledge, intuition…and the right creative energy to really ignite your visions are about to be unleashed. Feeling well within yourself, knowing your idea / project / goal, through and through all helps in building your well deserved confidence and vision, (especially when re-laying it back to others - if this is relevant).

  • Keep grounded but continue to breathe that energy up and around the whole of you. Repeat previous practices in terms of perhaps taking a little time to sit and meditate with your ideas. Keep your feet on the ground, stay hydrated and fuelled with good food that works for you and simply imagine an intertwining flow of energy coming from within you, down into the soles of our feet, into the Earth, and then back up. A strong visualisation I tend to always refer back to, when wanting to ignite good energy, is to imagine liquid gold or bright beaming lights filling you from your core. Let it surround each bit of you. Set the intention again to project what you’ve been working on to new heights! Let the feeling of excitement, joy and satisfaction fill you.

  • Share your vision. When and if the time is right, it’s time to tell your story. As an example, if you’ve been working on a project for your business and feel confident in the outcome, get it ready for delivery, (whether that’s verbally / digitally or tangibly etc). Doing it with a positive attitude is key. Even if moments have been particularly challenging, take them as learnings. When we project with confidence, authenticity and truly believe in what we’re doing, we align with the right people.

  • Remember, what you do, you become…so live colourfully and start igniting more consciousness into your creative practices. When we focus on those good vibrations, good vibrations bounce back.

Flow through the process

All of the above is what I can help guide with, whether it’s on a one to one basis, online, or to a group. Get in touch below for more information and check out the rest of my services page. This is my passion. Every day I’m educating myself more and more, as well as working with my own mentor for further guidance. Knowledge + confidence = results. Let’s collaborate and see how else we can execute and ignite your visions!