Purify Your Office Digs with Indoor Plants

Sweet first impressions, purifying air quality and lowering levels of 'stress' in the work place...surrounding yourself with indoor plants, could add to an increase in productivity levels and so much more.


Any London startups who have worked at Second Home, will know what I'm talking about when I say; "dayummm - the jungle in the city has arrived"! *heart eyes emoji*. Those initial first few steps into the building(s), (my main experiences have been with the East London premises), genuinely made me feel uplifted and engaged. Long story short, I wanted to work there, immediately. 

In fact, I not only wanted to work there, I wanted to turn my home office (aka bedroom), into a basic replication :|. I'm not kidding, I'm going out to buy more plants this Easter weekend! I'm sure some snaps will appear on the gram. Any more recommendations welcome.

If something so simple as adding some clean greenery into a room can lift us within an instant, then…I’m in! It's sparked an intrigue...so of course, I'm researching to share the knowledge around the science behind it all.  


Surely a key benefit (Badass Boss's, you know...), is attendance and improved perception of your surroundings. I mean, if I had a jungle garden surrounding me, I'd want to be there far more than if I was in a very vanilla office. Period.

Plants absorb the gasses we don't need. Including carbon dioxide. I read that scientists at NASA discovered that plants helped remove chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air, making it cleaner for humans to breathe. When you're already in a shockingly polluted city, this alone would make me want to be surrounded by more. 

I've seen that they aid in the reduction of stress, over and over again. I guess for a number of reasons. After some digging (ha, get it...plants...digging), I found out that, interestingly, even the colour has a factor to this goodness! In colour psychology (that's a thing - and LOVE, by the way), some people argue that the colour green is calming and has a relaxing effect. As a result, aiding in a calmer environment. Also, they have been shown to improve memory and generally uplift peoples spirits. 

Office plants 2.jpg

There are so many more, but let's finish this post with some dribble worthy Pinterest pics. I made a board. Of course. Enjoy. I'd love to see your working environment too. Tag me.

office plants 1.jpg
Holly Jones