Switch up your scenery

I felt inspired to write this, thanks to Hannah Mags, Mama of the Michalak family. (Mother, Mary and Beyonce, they are some cracking humans, aren't they)! In one of their recent Youtube videos, Hannah made a really good point about finding a change of scenery, when it comes to work, especially if you're juggling looking after the little one's too. She had found a cute and cosy corner in a cafe and simply replied to a few emails from her phone. Job done and two happy babies.


This brings me on to the why it's good to do this. We can find ourselves feeling a little resistant to change at times. After all, our everyday routines mean comfort for some of us. For others, it's...easy, yet is it all that stimulating? When we really think about it, I guess it's not. This is an interesting one for not only us 'self-employed' home bodies, but for you ninja nine to fivers too! 

So, what can we do about switching it up a little, without throwing ourselves out of sorts. Because, I know half of us are already thinking of the reasons not too, eeeven if we don't want to admit it ;). For some, it's simply that teeny niggler in our (very normal, may I add) subconscious mind, whispering; 'Ooo, that sounds like extra effort that you just don't have time for today. After all, you have a zillion and 27 things on your list. It's decided...you should probably stay put, in that chair, you know, the safe and comfortable chair. Plus, that means actually working in real clothes and NOT PJ's this morning! The horror! Ahem *guilty*, hehe). You know the kind of thing I'm getting at here, but hear me out and I promise I'm going to take my own advice too!

Your routine could adapt in the most subtle way, but with the greatest outcome. I've thought of times where I've worked in places that are typically speaking, out of my 'comfort zone', aka not my home office (can I say AKA again?!...because I mean my bedroom right now), and it's been the most productive day! So, I wanted to share some simple tips and benefits of doing this with you, beginning with your wake up call.

Wake up and get up. Sounds simple but sometimes those who work from home can be prone to lingering in bed a little longer Which don't get me wrong, is blooming bliss, but we're talking about subtle changes in productivity here. So, when that alarm goes off, be gentle, stretch and get up. 


  • Drink some hot lemon water as soon as you're up. *Wow Hol, original*. Yeah yeah, I know, but some of us are still toying with our morning routines. Lemons are toxic purgers and will put a little zest in your step, quite literally. Just try it and see how you feel. Though word of warning, lemons are diuretics, meaning it makes you pee a lot, because it's simply purifying your insides. Just call me the lemon Dr. That's weird, let's not do that.

  • Put on your positive pants and set an intention for the day. Do you want a more peaceful and calmer working day, with an atmosphere / location to go with it? Or do you need this day to be your most productive day this week? Get that journal out and simply sit down for 5 minutes to think about it. Don't even write it down if you don't feel the need, just acknowledge that today is going to be exactly as you wish. 

  • You know you've been passing that cool new cafe, or local hotel with the insta worthy lobby lately? Go into that hot spot you've been meaning too. Go before lunchtime to set up camp and get cosy. Order your favourite hot drink and get your work go-to's out. Laptop / notepad / sketchpad, whatever it is, find a less crowded zone and stick those headphones on.

  • Ease into it, by putting on some of your favourite chill out playlists and begin to people watch. The amount of inspiration I get daily, thanks to others is incredible. The way people move, speak, what they're wearing - take positives from it all, or similarly take note of how you don't want something to be. 

  • Alternatively, give that cool co-working space a call. You never know who you might meet in there, and going off my own experiences, there's nothing better than working along side like minded creatives / people on your wavelength.

  • If you're a badass Boss or work in a team within an office, take an afternoon to switch desk spaces with someone, this not only builds a stronger team culture as people have to communicate with others they may not have before, but true productive beauty could come from these brand new collaborations. Suggesting working from your favourite cafe once every week or so, could also be worth the test. See what comes.

  • Look outside. Again, similarly to people watching, taking in your surroundings could help inspire, motivate or just see something from a different angle. When we take the time to #lookup, and away from our digital devices, even just for a minute, who knows what might happen.

  • Calling a friend to come and join you every now and again isn't a bad shout either. Especially if you're experiencing a challenge that you could do with a second opinion on.

Personally, the positives associated to doing this are endless. Yes, I love being cosied up on my sofa with my laptop, but being self employed, especially on edit days, I won't see anyone. So get out and switch things up, even if it is to simply answer those emails. Turn a typical mundane task into something you look forward too. 

I'd love to know where you head too! If you're London based, I need some new spots. 

Holly Jones