Creativity in the City

Waking up in the 'concrete jungle' ain't all bad when you have pops of creative visions round every corner. The thing is, people consider these big cities to be dull, grey, and filled with everyone wearing suits. Some parts are like that, but look a little closer. Every street has a story, and sometimes they're filled with some of the best street art, and walked down by some of the most interesting of people. Moral of the story, don't judge a book by it's cover, and certainly not the 'area' just because you may have heard something about it. 


If you vibe off art, there are plenty of tours on offer, but it's more fun stumbling across things as you pass. There are also a number of free galleries and exhibitions available for all! This weekend (Easter), I came across an awesome exhibition showcased down the Thames, right by Tower current home town! I vlogged some of it (yep...I got brave, whipped out that camera and will be uploading it very soon on my new Youtube channel). For now though, here are some sweet snaps taken around Hoxton / Shoreditch.



Holly Jones