Interiors + productivity - Welcome to my Berlin (temporary) Abode!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you will already know my love for interiors. In particular, Nordic inspired simple living, Feng Shui and most recently, how people seem to be living in Berlin! Of course there are a variety of influences within people's homes, but I'm just so very drawn to the lay out and style of my latest Berlin apartment and (quite frankly...thrilled!) as to how much I feel it has done for me in terms of productivity increase. 


Over all, I've spent almost a month in Berlin (split over a couple of trips). I have met some absolute corkers of humans here and one's of a very planet conscious nature, which has both been an absolute joy to be surrounded by and highly informative and educational! I've stayed in a couple of properties now, rented / house shares and in recommended Hotels. (I'm yet to try a hostel, but some of those look very cool too!). Amongst many second hand furniture pieces in my current house share, the textures used to cushion and accessorise the place are made up of more natural materials; like linens, cotton and wool. As a typically empathetic and intuitive little lady right now, environments can affect my everything...

If you look at the images above and below, the use of one single branch is genius! This is of course an exceptionally beautiful crib and feel so, so blessed to have found it (via Facebook), but there are such down to earth elements within here that works so well...and has equally made me work just as well too! We can all experience creative blocks or just periods of higher / lower energy and there is something so calming, freeing and utterly refreshing about this place that I wanted to share the experience and to simply re-itterate my past post about switching up your environments.

I felt that this place, despite being in a brand new country, simply felt near enough like “home”. The energy and beautiful message upon the door filled me with a knowing that this place is going to be a good’n. It said “Reality is an outplaying of our consciousness”. Interesting to reflect upon a little, isn’t it?

Holly Jones