The Satisfaction of Social Media Scheduling

Social Media Scheduling and planning ahead has been one of the most helpful executions, throughout my career. Planning just two weeks in advance for example, can not only bring you peace of mind and satisfaction when complete, but when times get busy and the weeks go by within a flash, you'll be thankful you did it! 



If you're not up for scheduling or planning your general social media posts ahead of time, pin point up and coming times where this would be beneficial. For example:

  • Taking a break? / In a different time zone? Make life easy for yourself, so you're not hunting for wifi! (Although, note - Instagram is one of the main platforms where you can still schedule, however it will send a push notification to your mobile device to manually press that send button)

  • Have an up and coming campaign or launch and have content ready, ahead of schedule? Schedule campaign assets, or links to posts / articles / other social media pages. The thing with social, is that consistency is key, so keep it that way! It's easy.

  • If you have additional user generated content and aren't sure what to do with it...if you haven't reposted already, start screenshotting and saving what your audience have given you (hooray for UGC), and schedule those to push out on days where you haven't got much else to put out.


If you've not yet delved into your analytics, now is the time to do so. Data driven "next steps" are a strategic way of implementing your next content move. The results may also shock you. What you think may have gone down well, may have actually barely reached anyone. What you like isn't also necessarily what your audience wants to see. Analyse and execute. Most social media platforms (especially business accounts) have sections where you can view a number of stats. Plus they're free, so use them! Alternatively you can delve deeper, by setting up Google Analytics. Which is much easier than you think to set up, if you haven't done so before. Instructions on how to do this can be found here


From the copy, to the social media asset accompanying it, there are a number of platforms where scheduling, planning AND analysing can be done all at once. I've worked with so many! From Hootsuite, to Nuvo (can I just say, I had a weekly guidance call with an amazing lady called Amber who helped me execute my next move for my old company - so the customer service was incred - claps for Amber, Yayy), Planoly, Co-Schedule, Buffer and more. 

All of the above are great for scheduling for a variety of platforms, but if it's Instagram in particular you'd like to plan for, I would highly recommend Planoly. Their platform is super user friendly, you can download it onto your phone easily and get some great tips for content scheduling on their blog. Planoly is free for 1 account, but for 2 it's $15 PM. You can find more on the pricing system here. Alternatively, Latergram is also a popular choice!

For brands, I feel Instagram scheduling is a great way to see how your feed will be seen ahead of time. Certain posts may not look as aesthetically pleasing next to others, and by working ahead, it simply means you can re-jig where applicable, without any of your customers noticing.

If you're on any scheduling platforms or have tips for planning, I'd love to hear them. 

Holly Jones