Slick up your Social Feed

Social media content, when it has value, is better than no content at all, right? Sure! But, when you really want to slick up your social feeds, why not put a little time into executing the aesthetic. After all, this could be the first thing a new user may see! 

Holly Jones Instagram Directing Waves.png

Bring your social media feed to life, by telling the story of your brands personality! I recently read that "your feed is your business card and the face of your business". So, how are you telling your story? At first glances, are your visuals high quality? Eye-catching? or spark intrigue? Perhaps their 100% raw, real and understated, if that's your brand, then run with it. Remember, consistency is key.

I'm sure many of us have had those moments where we glance at our feeds and think, wow, that got messy. There are so many little things you can do to regain that visual control, pretty quickly. To, in turn, reign back in your consumer to a new level. 

Top Tips for Instagram

  • Determine your "theme" and try to avoid slipping out of sync. What I mean by this, is are you posting 3 related pics / posts together? Are you placing a quoted post in between two visuals down your feed?

  • Choose a colour way and again, keep repeating until your feed and content becomes recognisable, before viewers even see your name!

  • Choose 1 filter and edit settings throughout

  • Work out the 'flow' of your feed. I.e Does it look messy with 5 people shots then a product or lifestyle pic? Spread it out so your posts don't become over crowded with repetition.

  • Take high quality photos. Note, this can SO be done on a phone, just position the person or product within good lighting, and take a fully focussed image. If you really want to take your work up a notch, get in touch with a photographer to execute professional visuals.

  • Don't just post imagery! At the moment, videos are much more engaging than a static image, so break up your feed with a variety of content too. This could mean anything from gifs, to infographics, to quotes, to short videos!

  • Enjoy it! If the job becomes tedious, take a break and come back to it. This is such a fun part of finding out and executing your brand's identity. If you're not sure, ask for support.

Here are some past posts I have visually planned for others. (If you're interested in this service, get in touch with me here - it's one of my favourite parts to the job!).

Holly Jones