Conscious creative sessions

Guidance in living a more conscious creative life, or even bringing in elements of it into your work / personal life, can have wonderful outcomes. When we trust our intuition, ignite our energy and direct our focus and skillsets to new levels, we in-turn can push the boundaries and feel confidence soar.


To be birthed in the year of 2019, after many years of learnings, self-exploration with conscious creative techniques, powerful soul awakenings, months of mentorship, and an abundance of experiences within the creative and wellbeing industries, it’s a passion of mine to be able to give back, much of what I’ve learn’t and to help guide other’s to step into their creative energy. Playing the role of “the Directive” is paramount to really owning what you’re about. On both a professional and personal level, my aim is to work with other humans and brands who share similar values. Also playing a fundamental part in being a support soul, I’m on hand to work side by side in helping to lift other’s up and to see where else their visions and creative ideas could take them. See below for a brief breakdown example, of how I wish to offer this service.

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One to one sessions

Working on a one to one level with you and your visions is an honour. Collaboratively, we will work towards reaching those new heights, using conscious creativity at the forefront of everything. I can help look at aspects of your processes, environment plus more, to then spot opportunities where taking a step back, to find your flow and re-focus will benefit…to in-turn - enable you to return with greater levels of clear vision and ignited energy, to execute your work or personal creative projects to new heights.

From learning how to vision board, to guiding you through the motions with conscious creative driven meditations and learning about the benefits behind everything, I’m on hand as your Directive support sister. I am available to travel to you, in the comfort of your own home / work-space, or we can head to a location, to execute parts of the conscious creative process. I’ve found that sometimes stepping out into a different environment, gives us a sense of forward facing fresh opportunity, (plus it’s just nice to get out of our house / office every now and again isn’t it). We could meet in a visually stimulating and stunning hotel, or we can Skype. I am on hand for follow up calls, consultations, plus lots, lots more.

workshops / event collaborations

Similarly to a one to one session, I am available for leading guidance driven conversations, meditations and boosting your groups conscious creativity awareness and knowledge. Do you own a brand that is already using conscious processes? Perhaps you’re a sustainability lead business, or conscious fashion brand that would love to learn more about using that creative, vibey energy flow for the good of ourselves and our workplace.

Maybe you’re a PR company, hosting a Blogging event and would like to bring in an element of conscious creativity to your day / evening. Bloggers and influencers create new content on the regular. After blogging myself for a few years, I fully understand and feel the pressures that come with staying current and producing fresh, new work. So, guiding them through a more intuitive, confidence surging process could be highly beneficial. Perhaps we have some fun and get crafty in the creation of vision boarding.

The possibilities are endless, but like most / all of my work - it’s to be heart driven. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please get in touch via the button below. I can’t wait to hear from you.