creative content production

From audio recordings, photography, social media and brand strategy + more. See my current content services below. If you have something you feel I could additionally support you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Audio recordings

Using my trusty Rode ND microphone, I’ve already had the privilege of recording, experiencing and collaborating with the sounds of client’s and friend’s meditations, their conscious words, podcasts, live instrument sessions and more. This is possibly one of my favourite kind’s of content creation, due to really being able to witness and be a part of the experience too.

I am able to chop, tweak, add music to, or purely output and export the audio recording as is. (Many of my wellbeing clients love the rawness of doing the latter).

There is something really powerful in using our sense of sound, to experience a new age understanding and participation, without even having to think. Instead of something visually engaging, audio often works well as a form of education or simply wishing to wind down. Imagine as a young child, story time before going to bed can lead to deep relaxation. Focus can be put onto the breath and letting the mind wonder, in a mindful or mindless way. (Something I also put into practise most evenings, with the accompaniment of audio). Situations like this, taylor really well when combined with meditation style audio, or sounds... Something that has become a really popular collaboration of mine with people lately. For an example of this, please see one of my wonderful client’s Darshna’s most recent recordings with me here.

What’s the process?

  • Get in touch with an outline of your audio vision and experience outcome - Email is great.

  • I will get back to you with potential questions and any initial thoughts / ideas.

  • I’ll follow up with a proposed Skype or face to face meeting where we can discuss further. Here is when I get a really great energetic feeling of what you want to achieve and begin to work with you on a conscious, collaborative level.

  • Set up a date and time for recording. I can travel to you, or we can look at hiring an appropriate space (for sound proof circumstances), or indeed you’re welcome to my quiet home.

  • Once audio has been recorded, we can refine ideas further and I can work on the editing and production process.

  • Note: If you wish to have music or other forms of audio recordings within it or over the top, please have this ready.

  • Audio files will be shared via a Dropbox folder and WeTransfer (as additional backup).

  • The client now has a chance to sign off or request any additional amends / tweaks accordingly, which I’m always happy to proceed with.

  • Once you’re happy I can also send you a brief overview of how else these could relate and be shared with your audience. Perhaps you require additional graphic assets or simple artwork to accompany your audio, for social media / visual website purposes. (I can help you create a cover visual for the audio). Pervious clients have required simple titles of the audio’s layered over a visual or coloured background, etc.

  • OR, you may have a podcast but need it editing / chopping / music added to it and you simply don’t have time to do it. See my two part package below. I edit using Adobe Premiere Pro.

The finer details + package

  • To relay, we can set up a brief consultation call or complimentary meeting, where I listen and really feel your vision’s coming to fruition through voice and idea exchange.

  • x1 day to record (and do as many takes as you wish - backing up as we go along with saving files to my desktop / a “RAW Recordings” Dropbox folder.

  • x1 day of post production, to edit the audio as you wish, export and upload to folders and share with the client via WeTransfer and a new “Edited Audio” folder via Dropbox.

  • Time allocated for any tweaks and amendments.

  • If required x1 day allocated for additional visuals / graphics, including assets for digital / social media usage.

  • Follow up with additional tips on ways to promote.

  • Note: Up to 8 recordings (more can be arranged no problem).

  • Cost of Conscious Audio Recording + edit package - £300

  • Cost of podcast / audio edit solo package - £65 (per piece)

  • Or - Podcast / audio edit bulk package - £130 (for x3)


social media creative content shoots + layups

Slicking up your social feed appears so fresh and inviting to your consumer and online community. With scheduled and pre-layed out content, already ahead of schedule, it means you can focus on other elements of your business, you may have previously wished you had more time for! As a conscious creative, I work with you from your vision right through to the creative execution and beyond, to ensure you’re brand / business values, image and message has been portrayed in an authentic, appealing and awesomely creative way! I can work in collaboration with you to visually strategise, pre-plan, produce and edit the content with a photoshoot as well as helping you to schedule and layup exactly where it should go, i.e - if using for the purpose of your Instagram feed.

You may already have a “stored out back” bank of content, just bursting to be shared with your audience. I’m also available for simple visual layups, purely for these forgotten moments. Let’s get it all out there and see how we can make it current.

If you’re attending, hosting or part of an event, festival or press day, I can be on hand to also cover “live” social media content for the occasion. Working with you to understand the concept and setting up a plan of action to take X amount of Instagram Stories (as an example) or tweets per hour, covering the likes of XY and Z.

What’s the process?

  • Get in touch with an outline of your vision - Email is great.

  • Note: This can simply be a “one off” shoot /occasion, or part of a loyalty package, whereby I visit you once each season, to ensure you’re covered for additional content throughout important times of the year! Maybe you’re about to launch a new product, course or service…let’s consciously collaborate.

  • I will ping back a series of simple questions to find out more

  • Organise a Skype call or an in person meeting to discuss further.

  • Focus on a creative strategy by refining your ideas, (this will be produced in the form of a presentation - in PDF form, but also accessible online - via Google Drive).

  • Next comes the sign off process - we can tweak / add in additional ideas before the day of creation.

  • Organise a date / time where I can come to your location of choice with equipment and props, to produce the content.

  • Once the day of execution has arrived, work with you on a free flowing, joyful and fun experience day, bringing your ideas to life. Then going away to work on the edits.

  • I’ll send you edits within a Dropbox folder and via a WeTransfer link - so we have backup.

  • Send over in another visual presentation how this could be presented down your social / Instagram feeds, along with a list of relevant hashtags, plus more.

The finer details + package

  • Complimentary Skype consultation / meeting to discuss your vision and verbal tips for growing your community ahead of the collaborative social shoot.

  • x1 full day required to research, plan and produce presentation, aka the strategy / visual suggestions.

  • x1 day shoot, including travel time, set up + clean up

  • x1 day required for post shoot edits, amendments + upload to folders - to share with client

  • x1 day planning suggested layup of the feed - presentation

  • Note: Please allow up to two weeks for edits due to schedule

  • Note: I unfortunately don’t have the capacity to manage any social media accounts right now. But I can help you plan.

  • Note: I kindly ask that travel expenses are also covered.

  • Cost of Social Media Creative Content Package - £750 (Based on time and days to execute - as stated above).

  • Cost of Social Media One Time Wondrous Layup - £200

    (To include the slicking up of images, via editing + laying up to fit a creative, engaging feed + more)

  • Cost of Social Media takeover - i.e for an event - £200

    (covering Instagram stories, recording lives, having a list of content ready to post at set times and executing, along with copy etc, liking and commenting on received comments that may have come in on the day and generally being a social media support throughout.


Photography + video

Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder. Through conscious collaboration, we can work together to enhance your visions, beat any confidence blockages and work beyond you ever imagined, to produce something visually wonderful. I

Whether you require a personal shoot to unleash your authentic self through the camera, capturing you in the moment, or simple recording behind the scenes from a workshop or event, I am on hand to help you through the process and connect through the lens.

Photography is a love of mine. Being able to work with you and your beautiful human form, enables a conscious confidence boost and candid collaboration. (That’s if we’re capturing you, someone else, or a group - as a collective). I work best shooting natural, in the moment visuals - so your true you really comes across.

If you’re within a consciously creative field, whether that range from healers within the wellness industry, to artists / muso’s / fashion brands / bloggers and beyond, I’d love to see how I can be of visual support to you and your project. Is this a one off collaboration, or something you’d like help with on a monthly basis? Write down your ideas and visions and set the most stunning of intentions. I’ll do the same. We can then come together and work harmoniously, bouncing idea’s off one another and free-flowing at times, to capture organic magic.


  • Get in touch with an outline of your vision - Email is great. Perhaps you’ve seen something you love the look of, that really “sets the tone” of what you want to capture. Gather all imagery and sources of reference together and send it over. Many people also tend to add me to their Pinterest boards as a collaborator, so I can really gage an idea of you and the project in hand.

  • I may follow up with a series of questions and organise a meeting or a call (if we feel it’s necessary prior to meeting).

  • If the vibe is right, we can look at concepts together, ensuring we come to an alignment with the vision and that you’re happy you are to achieve the outcome you desire, using the equipment / necessary props / locations etc and myself.

  • Do take a look at my Portfolio if you haven’t already to see the kind of shoots I’ve had the opportunity of capturing before.

  • We will come together to decide a date and a location. Do you wish to hire or head out on location, or to be shot in the comfort of your own home? I’m happy to travel providing the travel costs are all kindly covered.

  • Once shoot day has commenced, I shall then spend time on editing. All shots will be sent both via WeTransfer and in a shared dropbox folder (I’ll also share the RAW images too if you’d like).

The finer details + package

  • We can set up a consultation Skype call or meeting (if required) after getting an initial vision of what you wish to capture.

  • If required I can be on hand to help you additionally with my own vision, if you need support with this. Studying a brief, along with getting to know you, your brand or your personal project, I will have an intuitive idea of possibilities for you. I can get these across as a mini presentation via Google Drive / PDF.

  • x1 day to shoot, including travel time, set up + clean up

  • I have invested in a Canon 5D, which I predominantly use for photography, but it can also take beautiful video footage too. Extra batteries etc will be carried on the day + a charger.

  • Other equipment include’s a lapel mic and an on camera fixed Rode microphone.

  • x1 day to choose requested images and edit them, using Adobe programmes. Including Lightroom, Photoshop etc. (Only if required for lighting touch ups / slight colour grade shifts, visual overlays or other creative add ons etc).

  • Please note, I do not “Photoshop” or alter your body in any way. I like to represent the real you, and a good Photographer should be able to capture you in a beautiful, true and authentic way.

  • Cost of half day shoot + 8 edited image package - £300

  • Cost of full day shoot + up to 12 edited image package - £500


As stated above, I’m also experienced and have skills that work particularly well with creative branding and web design. Perhaps I can help you refine your vision and come up with a visual branding strategy, that gives you options for a feel of how your digital brand could come across. Get in touch with your ideas / for more information.