directive driven words + Immersive sound experiences

TO IGNITE YOUR INNER INTUITION, FEEL the flow of energy surging in + around your body, that in turn blasts away blockages and rocket launches your creativity and EXPONENTIAL potential to new heights. using the heart as the core place of lift off, we will support in submerging you into states of blissful transformation, BY USING ENERGY FELT WORDS (+ GUIDED MEDITATIONS), COMBINED WITH purposeful, FREQUENCY driven SOUNDS AND vibey BEATS.


MORE ABOUT : THE MEDITATIONS (live + recorded)

THE soul

From expanding your creative awareness, finding your focus and manifesting a more creative, colourful life…to melting into words that encourage you to “un-wind” after a particularly energetic / adrenaline driven day, etc. Learning how to balance the buzz of creative energy, with coming back down to a more relaxed and still state can be an amazing practice. Both can work in harmony with one another.

I am delighted to be offering words of guidance, that use the 3 Directing Waves value’s throughout. From awakening more of your conscious creativity, to finding your flow and igniting your energy.

These are to be provided online, as free and downloadable audios (keep your eye’s peeled this December), as well as within live, immersive sessions, coming to you in 2019. I’m passionate about the neuroscience behind meditation and the positive effects it has upon the brain and body. Are you? I’ll be speaking a lot more about the changes that occur, plus the benefits, over on the blog and on my social media channels. You can follow me on Instagram here. I’d love to know if you’ve already benefitted from this and if / how you incorporate this practice into your every day life.


more about : sound energy and the brain

The Science

Sound energy is transmitted through air (or other particles) as a traveling pressure wave. It can even help transform our brainwaves states via entrainment. Have you ever seen how water is moved with the vibration of sound? It’s awesome to visually see. Now imagine that working through your brain and the rest of your body. In fact, the image at the top of this page reminded me of just that.

Now, it’s nothing new that sound healing sessions, like “sound bath” events and the recordings of “binaural beats” are engaging, rewarding and transformative, (I’ve experienced and delved myself into many - they’re pretty powerful experiences). There is an increasing demand for healing sounds and music that guide us through these various “states”…just look on Youtube at the abundance of videos available. The effects have been proven to improve your state of mood, your physical and emotional wellbeing, cognitive health, spiritual growth and so much more.

If you’re interested in finding out more behind the science and the brain, in regards to sound energy and music, i’ll be speaking about it lots more over on the blog and on my Instagram.

I’m currently working in motion with a collaborator to develop these. So hold tight + do get in touch if you’re intrigued and think an experience like this would suit a session with yourself, your brand, team or event! In the mean time, please give my personal directed and guided meditations a listen, starting with finding your focus and unleashing your creativity.

(Please also note the guided meditations and beats provided / commencing are not meant to replace or substitute the recommendations or advice of your Doctor or health care provider. They should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition, but as an additional, stimulating way of supporting you.

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