Darshna Parmar - The Conscious Womb

As a Conscious creative myself. The most important component in any project is the Energy behind it. The Universe as always aligned me with the perfect fit. Holly. Her diligence and care behind her work shows that she is the Directive of Directing waves. Standing true to her brand and the work she carries out is detailed and precise. Her ability to listen and feel what I wanted at each stage is conveyed in the finished project. A visual projection of The Conscious Womb has been my dream and she enabled me to carry it out further. Her Vision, focus, creativity and direction were executed amazingly well. The qualities of being able to listen as well as offer expansion in visual direction is valuable to anyone looking for artistry in their projects. I look forward to more conscious co creation as we deliver other planned projects. Much love and honour to you Holly Jones.

Grace Kemp.png

Grace kemp - queen of hearts photography

"I love working with Holly! She knows my style of photography, and works with it to create some amazing content for my social media. Her digital marketing skills really do blow me away. I find it all quite complicated, yet she shows me how I can do it myself but in a simpler way. Recently we worked together in Brighton, taking pin up photoshoots on the beach, it was such a good day. I was busy photographing and organising the day, I didn’t want the stress of sorting any behind the scenes videos and pictures. Yet she stepped in and saved the day. I will definitely be working with Holly again, her positive energy and motivation for life just inspires me to go further."

Lisa Photo.jpg

Lisa Roolant - Content Strategy and Communications

"Holly is someone who truly goes the extra mile. I had to pleasure of hiring and training Holly as our social media manager while scaling the team at VINAYA and she quickly became an unmissable addition. She's diligent and thorough in her work ethic and always keeps a positive attitude toward meeting any (seemingly impossible) challenge (as comes with the startup territory). Holly lives and breathes social media. She also has a great aesthetic eye and promising photography/design skills. Even when her own work load was over capacity, Holly was always willing to step in and support others in any way she could."

Kate pic.png

Kate Unsworth - Founder, artist and Mathmetician

“Holly is a dream to work with. She has such a positive energy and a great aesthetic eye. She thrives in a high pressure environment and always exceeds the targets set for her.”.

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