Harriet starling // Rak-sU // Lucy sheridan // Project love // Kate taylor // queen of hearts photography // darshna parmar // Jaden Smith at B&B + M O R E

Collaborating with Harriet has always been such a joy. Check out this wonderful artist here -

I went to Bloomberg to film for the beautiful human that is Kate Taylor. Check out more of her work at

As I'm Feeling You has hit 250,000 views on our channel, Myles decided to put out this video... Like, subscribe, comment :) We went down to the skate park in croxley, Holly Jones (Former - Glow Boss Media) whipped out the camera and this is the outcome...

Mus Rak-Su goes dancing in the rain to Naughty Town - Dancing Machine (feat. Laura Mvula) Naughty boy is such a good producer & Laura's vocals were so good, Mus had to dance to it. He got soaked, I guess this is real dedication!

Us having a bit of fun with four songs we really like... PartyNextDoor - Run Up Bryson Tiller - Run me Dry Drake - Madiba Riddim French Montana - Unforgettable

BACK THE PRACTICAL MAGIC ACTIVATION DECK ON KICKSTARTER: The Practical Magic Activation Deck is a toolkit made up of 52 individually illustrated cards, and a book packed full of exercises designed to activate the essence of who you are. And when you know who you are? Life makes so much more sense.

Behind the scenes captures from the Practical Magic Activation Deck Launch party - held in a beautiful open space in London. Collaborating with Kate has been colourful, creative and exceedingly rewarding.

This was SO FUN as I think you can tell from the huge smile on my face! I am so excited about some of the projects I will be sharing with you soon and for now here's a behind the scenes sneak peek at my new photography.
So many exciting plans are in the works for the coming months! I'm kicking off my next chapter with an end of summer photoshoot. Can't wait to see the pics? Me either! Here's a little highlights teaser from behind the scenes with Lauren Britton 🎥 and Holly Jones from @glowbossmedia / @glowbossjones.
If you've ever felt like you're not 'enough' or not where you 'should' be in life, then you can bet you've fallen into the comparison trap. It was such a joy to speak at the Project Love Salon at Carousel in London.

Collaboration with Lucy Sheridan and Samara - On set, behind the scenes in hair and makeup.